Plugin creator

You can download and install my plugins from As WordPress  developer I release free plugins to enhance WordPress. It’s totally free.


It’s about everything WordPress. It is a standalone event dedicated to WordPress. Issues around blogging, business, and social media that are related to WordPress use may be included, but the bulk of the program (at least 80%) is specifically about WordPress.



I do really care about etymology especially history of first names.

Japanese food

Cause I enjoy that great food all the time !


Every time I’m lost or when I lost someone. Every time I want to spare a thought for those who are dead. This way they are still living in my head.

Github and dev stuffs is a great place to find resources but this is not the only one. Don’t miss GitHub. Here is my personal account.

Street arts

Because it’s beautiful.


I blog over dev73. It’s a WordPress blog about WordPress development. “73” because I like this number for many different reasons.


Why ? Cause everything is about water. I used to live near to the sea and I really miss that time. Maybe some day…


I work there as a back-end developer. Check out our website, it’s awesome ! We do great stuffs with WordPress.


I share my best practices and my experience about WordPress development on this online platform. My screencasts are only in French at this time. I browse WordPress core files and the official documentation to clarify the murky details.


I like books especially literature and philosophy.